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Why Do I Need to Replace My Locks?

Locks help us to keep our stuff and lives safe. Strong locks on your residential and commercial doors give you confidence when you are away from your house or business and even when you are around. However, some situations may call for a change of your keys. 

Situations that call for replacing locks

Lost keys

Once you lose a key, the solution is not just replacing it. Whether you lose the key to your office or house, that key will end up in the wrong hands. To avoid a possible break-in in the future, simply replace the lock.

Recent break-in

If you recently experienced a break-in, you need to replace your locks immediately. The intruders may have found the key you hide behind the door or in one of your drawers. You don’t want to risk them having a copy and finding their way back to your home. 

You moved to a new home

Replacing your lock after a new move is very important as failing to do so puts you at risk for an unsolicited realtor or former owner visit. Not everybody can be trusted to stay within their boundaries.

Somebody moved out

If you are a property owner, every lock must be replaced after every tenant moves out. 

Replacing them once the tenant leaves so that they are not able to gain entry. Do this so that no other unauthorized visitor walks in at the end of the lease. 

Worn out/old locks

It is normal for keys to get worn out. Usually, when you use them, they are bound to wear out and get damaged. The locks are most likely the first culprit when it comes to your doors. Replacing them every few years makes them not reach a point where you compromise your security. 

You should consider replacing your lock in case of any of the above situations for your safety and that of your business or home. A Good Locksmith provides 24/7 key replacement and other locksmith services. Contact us today to know your options on how you can better secure and protect your properties.

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