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Tips to Secure Your Garage

Overhead garage doors are considered the weakest entry point to secured houses. The house may have a strong front door, but the garage door is where most homeowners draw the line. Most burglaries can take place through this door hence the need to protect and secure the garage.

Ensure your garage is well lit

The cover of the night and darkness attracts burglars, and most of them will use the chance to sneak into your home. Installing floodlights or motion sensors will scare away potential burglars, especially a nighttime break-in. 

Lock your garage door

You should ensure your garage door is always locked. Having a locking handle or a padlock that requires a physical key to unlock is recommended. To prevent break-in attempts, you should put the lock inside the garage. The locking and unlocking mechanism should be automatic or from the inside to prevent someone from the outside from tampering with it. 

Install security cameras

Security cameras are an instant turn-off for burglars who know they will be recorded. Motion sensor cameras immediately start recording once a car pulls in the drive-away or someone approaches your garage at night or when you are away. The system can be synced with your phone enabling you to keep tabs on your garage when you’re not home.

Ensure the service door is locked

The service door between your house and the garage comes in handy in numerous ways, especially in rainy weather. However, failure to lock that door can be a significant risk in case a burglar accesses your garage. Ensure the service door is toughened up with a deadbolt. 

Avoid leaving your door opener remote in the car

While it’s convenient having the door opener remote in the glove box or next to your coffee holder, that’s the first place a burglar will search. Having it in your keychain will ensure you have it with you most of the time. Once a burglar has access to the door opener, they won’t hesitate to use it. 

Besides being a crucial part of your house, the garage acts as a storage place for valuables, including lawnmowers, toolboxes, bicycles, and even your car. This should be reason enough to secure your garage as part of securing your home correctly. 

A Good Locksmith will offer solutions and tips on the best locks you can use to avoid a compromised security system. Furthermore, other security measures and garage security tips will be provided to prevent a compromised security system.  

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