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Tips to Prevent Locksmith Scam

Locksmiths are crucial because they help out when you get locked out at home, your place of work, or even in your vehicle. However, some are scammers out to rob you. To avoid finding yourself scammed, these tips may help you:

Ask for identification

Check and confirm that the name of the locksmith on their card matches the company name you called. If you are in one of the 15 states that licenses locksmiths listed below, ensure they are accredited: Connecticut, Tennessee, Illinois, New Jersey, Louisiana, Virginia, Maryland, Oklahoma, Oregon,  Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, Alabama, California, and Texas. 

Be keen on locksmiths who claim to be licensed in states that don’t require licensure. A legitimate locksmith should request your identification as well to confirm they are unlocking a home or car that’s yours.

Check the locksmith’s vehicle

 Be careful if the locksmith shows up in an unmarked vehicle. Also, be suspicious of one advertising a different business name than the company you called. Legitimate businesses will probably have branded cars. Many scam-artist locksmiths claim to be associated with a company when they are not.

Enquire about additional charges

Enquire about extra charges for things like mileage, emergency hours,  or service call minimums before you agree to have the work started.

Also, the scammers might claim the lock on your home or car is obsolete and requires it to be replaced. They will then charge more to replace the lock because it is a high-security lock. But in reality, it’s a cheap lock offering minimal protection.

Do not let them drill or replace your lock

An experienced locksmith doesn’t have to unlock a lock by drilling or replacing it. If you find one insisting on drilling or replacing, they are most likely a scam.

Slow response

You should be suspicious in case it takes the locksmith hours to get to you even though the website and maybe even the customer service promised 10 to 20 minutes. It likely is because they aren’t as close as they would like to suggest.
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