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Signs You’re Being Watched By A Burglar

The perfect way to guarantee your safety is to be alert. You must watch your surroundings. Gone are the days when burglars used to attack unexpectedly. When you’re keen, you could pick up signals of a planned attack.

Observe any suspicious activities

Ordinarily, people living in a neighborhood are familiar and know some information about their neighbors. You might not know everybody, but strangers in your area have unique habits. Some pretend to be jogging but are spying and observing your property. 

If you find yourself in this situation, take note of their appearance and inform the police about it.

Unfamiliar vehicles

Burglars love to view their targets inside vehicles. Vehicles raise little to no alarm to anybody except keen people. Some of these cars are borrowed or stolen. Some may have out-of-state plates or even lack them. 

When you notice such a car strolling by, take note of the car’s description and its occupants and call the police immediately. 

Missing trash

Checking whether your trash is missing sounds exaggerated, but the trash can contain a lot of personal information. Who else would need your trash other than waste collection? Yes, you’ve got it right! Somebody looking for something important! Burglars may take your garbage and look for any intel in documents within the trash. 

The first thing you need to do before throwing documents is to shred them or tear them into pieces. You should also ensure that your entire lock system works well before you leave the house. 

Power problems

Burglars don’t love lights, alarm systems, and any power-related systems like locks. They are willing to do anything to interfere with this. When your power shuts down, check whether you are not the only one who is affected in your neighborhood. 

Also, they might interfere with only some parts of your home, like lights. In this situation, you should consider informing the police and check with your locksmith regarding your lock system.

Doorstep visits

Well, some door-to-door visits might be genuine. Burglars use such visits and get into character as either salespeople or outreach religious groups. An excellent way to identify them is they look around the house more often rather than face you. To avoid falling victim, keep strangers off your property.

If you see any signs that you might be a burglary target, consider calling the police and tightening your lock system. Contact us at A Good Locksmith and we will propose the best ways to secure your home. 

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