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Methods of Lock Maintenance

Proper maintenance can help prevent jamming of outdoor locks when exposed to elements. Even though many lock products have protective covers over the critical ways through natural usage, grime, salt, and dust find their way into the lock cylinder. 

Because of these, you need to perform scheduled maintenance for locks to last longer. But how can you maintain your locks?

Lubrication of the lock

Lubricating locks is a simple maintenance task that only takes a few minutes and can extend the life of your lock. Using Lock Tie Lube, it penetrates and lubricates without attracting dirt, and it has anti-corrosion properties.

Before using Lock Tie Lube:

Give it a shake, pop the top off, line up the arrow on your spray head and insert the straw into the spray cap.

Apply the lube into the locks, door hinges, and keyholes.

Ensure the pins and springs move freely.

Ensure your door is hung correctly

Repair and adjust hinges that belong to the door into proper alignment. The gap between the door and door jamb on the hinge side should become smaller while the gap on the other side larger so that the door can close properly.

Make sure to modify the top, middle, and bottom hinges uniformly so that it no longer sags nor drops when you open and close the door.

Testing your deadbolt and deadlatch

How do you know if you’re getting the best door lock for your home? Ensure the deadlatch doesn’t fall into the box strike when closing the door. The deadbolt should operate lightly, no need to use much pressure through pushing, pulling, or lifting the door. Always confirm the deadbolt’s loophole in the door jamb is necessary for the bolt to stretch entirely.

Clean your door locks

Cleaning your door locks is crucial during maintenance. Mild detergents are recommended. But if you use chemicals, they will remove the brass plating and damage your hardware.

Know when to call in the professionals 

If you’re not in a position to easily make your locks work, then don’t be tempted to do the task. You might compromise the security of your premise, leaving it vulnerable. We recommend you contact a certified locksmith to assess the condition of the lock. 

Finding a reputable locksmith out there can be challenging because many uncertificated companies can take advantage of you. However, A Good Locksmith is available when you need them.

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