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How to Remove a Key From Ignition

What do you do if your key is locked in the ignition?

Although most modern vehicles have stopped using a key to start the car, most base and classic model vehicles still require a key. Sometimes the key can get stuck in the ignition switch due to various reasons. For instance, the key may wear down, or the ignition switch may break down. 

So, if the key is stuck in the ignition for any reason, how can you remove it?

Set the gear in park

If you drive an automatic transmission vehicle, you may not remove the key if the gear selector is not in the parking or neutral position. The key will remain stitched until you move the gear selector to the proper position. 

To remove the key, move the gear selector to the parking option. 

If the car is in the park position, but the key is still stuck, you can try shaking the gear selector while at the position. 

Unlock the steering wheel 

Many vehicles come with a locking mechanism that activates if you turn the steering wheel too far to the left or right when the car is not in motion. 

If the locking mechanism is activated, you’ll not be able to remove the key stuck in the ignition switch. 

You can release the key by turning the wheel in the opposite direction to deactivate the locking mechanism. 

Jiggling the key 

If the key is stuck in the ignition, it means the springs and pins in the ignition cylinder are tight. 

To remove the key, you can use your index finger to push down on the key cylinder while using your other hand to jiggle the key. 

Pressing the key cylinder using your index finger can help loosen the springs and the pins allowing the key to slide out. 

Remove debris from the ignition

Some people use their car keys to open packages and boxes. While the key comes in handy in tearing the box tape, there are possibilities of pieces of tape to stick to the car key. 

When you put the key in the ignition switch, it may carry the debris that can cause your key to get stuck after accumulating. 
If a key is stuck in your ignition, you may need a few DIY solutions to remove it. Such solutions may include unlocking the steering locking mechanism, removing the debris, etc. You can also use the services of A Good Locksmith to do the job for you.

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