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Does Using Social Media Reduce My Home Security?

Social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube have proven to play a significant role in our lives. However, they are high-risk for security threats.

Social media not only attracts family and friends but also attracts people with bad intentions. They can reduce your home security in the following ways.

Exposing your whereabouts

Updating your whereabouts on social media may invite burglars to your home. Potential thieves may know where you are, how long you’ll be gone, and where you live. 

When you are on vacation, be selective with your status updates, refrain from posting specific travel plans, and only inform trusted family members if you have to.  

Hacking your computer 

Hackers use malicious codes to steal your identity, inject viruses into your computer, and access bank account information. Unless you’re sure of the source, you should avoid shortened URLs at all costs as they are prone to hackers who may compromise your personal information. Instead, hover over the URL link or use a link scanner to establish if the link is safe before clicking on it.

Stolen identity

Hackers may use your social information to hack your email. They may use the “forgot password” technique to get your personal information through email-of which they can access all your data on social media. Having a strong password, being vigilant with your status updates, and keeping your location private are some of the ways that might save your identity from being stolen. 

Unwittingly letting stalkers find you

Friends, brands, and associates you’re in contact with on social media may unwittingly leak your information. In addition, cookies placed on your computer by the companies you browse track your internet activity. Disable the tracking feature, clear the cache and cookies on your browser to keep sites from tracking your activity.


A firewall or an antivirus is not enough to keep potential security threats. But, again, don’t be fooled that you don’t have anything worth hacking. Neglecting security puts you and your home at risk. For safety, avoid posting your daily schedule or your complete address.

If you discover that your home security is breached, take security measures immediately. Contact an experienced locksmith to come and make adjustments to the security features at your home. We highly recommend A Good Locksmith home security services if you are considering improving your home security and keeping burglars off. 

We offer door lock installation and repairs, high-security lock installation, CCTV installation, and access system control.

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