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Different Types of Car Keys

People don’t give car keys a lot of attention. During an emergency, when you lose your keys, break them, or discover that they are stolen, you realize how important they are. Knowing what type of car key you have is critical. There are many differences in car keys. Here are the different types of car keys.

Traditional keys

Traditional keys are simple, usually used in older cars, and aren’t encoded. They are made from any metal cutting machine and are easy to replicate or replace.

Transponder keys

Transponder keys contain a microchip that sends a code to the car’s immobilizer. When the codes match, the car starts. To replicate the key may cost you anything from 40-100 dollars. Replacing the entire key costs about $250.

Master keys

Master keys are mostly used with traditional keys as copies or replacement keys. Most old cars have master keys. When buying an old model car, you should check to see if it has a master key.

Switchblade keys

A switchblade key is like any other key but with a casing. To use it, press a button on the case, and it releases the key. This technology protects the key from bending. 

Transponder keys with a rolling code

Transponder keys with rolling codes are a little different from other transponder keys. Whenever you use the key, the frequency sent to the car immobilizer changes. Basically, after using the key, a chip inside the car is responsible for changing the code.

Rolling codes have helped to improve car security. Before this technology, thieves could get codes used in basic transponders using code grabbers. The changing codes in this system make it useless to have a code grabber. 

Valet keys

Valet keys open a car’s door and start it but cannot open the trunk or glove box. Substantially valet keys are meant for valets in car parks or car repair shops.

Remote keys

These keys are used for basic tasks like opening and locking the door. They use frequency or infrared signals, which are detected by a receiver in the car. Remote keys use batteries and may have buttons to put off or sound the car’s alarm system.

It is easier to get help from a company such as A Good Locksmith with knowledge about your keys in case of an emergency. When experiencing problems with your car keys, it would be best to change the entire key system. It may be pricey, but it will solve the problem. 

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