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Auto Locksmith or Dealership, Which is Better?

It’s unfortunate to experience locking your keys inside your car, although there are some ways you can get a spare. You can get a replacement done by a dealership or a locksmith. Both providers have similar results but differ in some ways. These are:


You will pay less for an automobile locksmith than you would hire a dealership. The service cost you will get from dealerships will be relatively high compared to hiring a person from outside. They can charge you a lot for minor fixes. An automobile locksmith is skilled at key cutting, key replacement, transponder key reprogramming, etc.


When you hire an automobile locksmith from a professional company, it may be more convenient for various reasons. 

They reach your location quickly and are affordable. On the other hand, a dealership provides services at a specific time and location.


You may assume that a locksmith may not have all the necessary tools when you plan on hiring one. As different key types are made distinctly, they might need different sets of tools to assemble. However, the fact of the matter is that a professional locksmith carries all the necessary tools and equipment on them. 

An experienced and certified locksmith has tools that can help you with many other locksmith tasks such as door lock fixing or door lock replacement. 

Sizing smart keys

Keys aren’t biased to traditional styles nowadays; they go beyond that. Some have chips installed in them, which ensures to keep the vehicle’s security intact. 

When it comes to assembling such vehicle keys, you might need to reprogram minicomputers or install chips inside the keys. A Good Locksmith is licensed and equipped to do all these tasks.

If you’re in an emergency or can’t wait any longer to get a replacement for your key, consider a local locksmith. Also, if you are concerned about the extra price tag that comes with towing your car to a dealership, find a locksmith. At A Good Locksmith, if you misplace or lock your car keys, you can immediately call us and our locksmiths will arrive at your location in no time.

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